600 AD to 900 AD
Most of our information about the Maya comes from this time, the classic period. Now, great cities are springing up, writing flourishes on paper and ceramics, on stone, on bone and shell.
The glyph for cacao in the rim text on a vase. Photograph © Justin Kerr
Our first tangible information about chocolate appears in the inscriptions that rim some ceramic vessels that have been found in burials. The text may say that the vessel contained chocolate and belonged to persons of rank. Whether these were cache vessels for cacao beans or actually contained liquid is not really known. It is rumored that ceramic cacao pods were found in a tomb. We do know that chocolate was a food for the gods and in turn for royalty and the elite.
Woman holding cacao pod.
Photograph © Justin Kerr
Ceramic Cacao pod
Photograph © Justin Kerr
An offering of chocolate is made to a stone idol.
Photograph © Justin Kerr
Courtesy of Mars, Incorporated