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An article by David Mora Marin identifying Maya incense on a polychrome vase.

Another Look at the Maya Ballgame by Micheal D. Coe

Codex-Style Ceramics: new data concerning patterns of production and distribution by Dorie Reents-Budet

An Article (in Spanish) published in Journal of Mesoamerican Languages and Linguistics, Vol. 2, No. 1: 1-30, 2010
by Alejandro Sheseña on the glyphic names of the Animal Ways.

A New Sign for CHAK by Eric Boot

SEEING RED - Inpainting on Certain Jade Objects By Barbara Kerr An article on the red color on incised jades

An Article by Marc Zender on the the Text on Balls in the Ballgame.

The First-Person Singular Indepent Pronoun in Classic Ch'olan
by Kerry Hull, Michael Carrasco and Robert Wald

An Article by Kai Delvendahl on Codex Style Ceramic Shards excavated at Calakmul

Essay by Eric Boot on the Bat Gylph

An article by Eric Boot describing a footed vessel with the text using the word OTOT (house).

An examination of a complex scene on a large Maya Vessel containg references to God D and other otherworld figures
by Eric Boot

An short paper bt Christian Prager - A Logograph For CHANUL (captive)

An Article by Barbara Kerr showing that the crest on the Vision Serpent's head is in fact an abstract image of the Datura Plant.

An Article by Sebastian Matteo discussing two vases with the name of a ruler from Rio Azul.

An article by Justin Kerr. The Way of God L: The Princeton Vase Revisited, with permission of the Record of the Princeton Art Museum

A Short Epigraphic Analysis of the Hieroglyphic Text on a Tripod Plate in a Private Collection (Guatemala)
by Eric Boot

Helen Alexander examines God K on ceramic vessels in great.detail and brings many new insights to this deity.

An article illuminating the text on Vessel K3091 by Eric Boot.

Eric Boot decribes the glyphs for 26 Vessel Types

A Short Note on a Unique Vessel Type Spelling: yu-k’i?-b’i-li by Eric Boot

A Reference to an Avian Manisfestation of the Creator God Itzamnaj on K4546 by Eric Boot

Iconography by Justin Kerr. A paper presented at a Columbia University Symposium September 2000

The Nominal YAXHA’(AL) CHAK on Classic Maya Ceramics and a possible Cephalomorphic variant for YAX by Eric Boot

A Discusion of the text on a Maya Bowl that Eric Boot calls the Yotz Kanpet Ceramic Bowl

A New Classic Maya Vessel Type Collocation on a Uaxactun-style Plate by Eric Boot

Comments on Vase K6994.
Eric Boot discusses the identity of the bird on this vase

Comments on Vase K7727
by Catherine Burdick

The Royal Ballgame of the Ancient Maya: An Epigrapgher's View
by Alexandre Tokovinine

A Comment on the Wind Gods on Vase K1485
by Karen Bassie

Comments on a Maya Plate with Calendric Inscription
Ongoing disscusion

The Last Journey: Comments on Vase 5534
by Justin Kerr

Comments and Translation of the text on K5515
by Marc Zender

Some Notes on K1955, in The Precolumbian Portfolio,
an Early Classic Stone Sculture Representing Goddess O
by Elizabeth Wagner. The identification of a Maya object.

The Acrylic Workshop: The story of a fake by Justin Kerr
How a fake vase was discovered and proved false.

The Transformation of Xbalanqué by Justin Kerr. Xbalanqué as patron of the bee keepers with reference to God Aprime.

Comments on an Incised vase K7749 by Marc Zender. Maya hand to hand combat with sharpened bones.

Comments on the Xcalumkin Vase, K8017. A group of scholars read the text on this Northern Yucatan Vase.

A Reinterpretation of the Chamá Vase by Elin Danien----A new view of a famous vessel

Where Do You Wear Your Paint-Pot by Justin Kerr ------An article discussing the icons that identify scribes and other communicators.

The Hero Twins in Veracruz by Linda Schildkraut-----An article describing a pair of carved bowls from Veracruz with links to Maya iconography

A Fishy Story by Justin Kerr-----Describes the iconography of a series of  vessels that show catfish and their connection to the Hero Twins.

The Stone-in- Hand Glyph by Tim Knowlton (April 1999)------ A suggested reading for the "Stone -in-Hand" Glyph

Applying Experimental Archaeology to Ethnomusicology: Recreating an Ancient Maya Friction Drum through Various Lines of Evidence by John A. Donahue ( June 2000) --An examination of Maya musical instrument that appears on vase K5233.

A very interesting article on Maya Trumpets by Roberto Velazquez

Comments on Vase Number K8342.---- A number of scholars described their thoughts about an interesting vase.

A short essay with thoughts on the sacrice of the baby jaguar series of codex style vessels by Justin Kerr.