Barbara and Justin Kerr are very pleased to announce the publication of VOLUME 6 of the MAYA VASE BOOK! The Maya Vase Books comprise a corpus of Rollout Photographs made by Justin Kerr with a camera specifically designed and built by him, to record the painting and carving on Maya vases and contains essays by noted Mayanists.

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As in previous volumes, the format remains the same. Each volume is printed in workbook form, 8 ½" x 11", horizontal format, wire-bound, for easy use on the copy machine. Volume 6 contains 189 pages, 115 new Rollout Photographs and four thought-provoking essays relating to Maya subjects.

Dorie Reents-Budet explores feasting among the Maya; Marc Zender discusses the ritual use of shallow plates; Carolyn Tate shares her insights into the world of Maya women; Patricia Ancona-Ha, Jorge Pérez de Lara and Mark Van Stone, discuss the implications of hand gestures painted on vases.

Volume 6 is $45.00 plus $5.00 for shipping ($30.00 for shipping overseas orders).

Volume 5 is currently available -
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Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4 are out of print and no longer available from us. However, the four volumes are available in Adobe Acrobat Format on a CD.
This CD-ROM contains all of the material from Volumes 1, 2., 3, and 4 of the original books. Where color is available, the rollouts appear in color .rather than black and white. The books are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) are can be used on any computer system. (PC, MAC, UNIX)

The price is $100.00 US postpaid

Volume 5 also has about 125 rollouts, some in color. Simon Martin's "The Painted King List" is the latest word on the "Dynasty" series of Codex style vases. The article includes the most beautiful and complete of all of the "Dynasty" vases. Inga Calvin examines supernatural places in "Where The Wayob Live".
Michel Quenon and Genevieve Le Fort present "Rebirth and Resurrection in Maize God Iconography
Each volume is $45.00 US plus $5.00 for shipping.
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