Research Material

Three Panels from La Corona? / Site Q K9126, K9127, K9128

Commentary from Simon Martin.

The first block has the end of a IS and records the birth of Janaab (Jaliib?), the grandson of Yuknoom Ch'een of Calakmul, son of the Lady of Calakmul (clearly the king's daughter) and Ringle's Personage 3 or K'inich Yook (not a full translation) of La Corona. If this is the IS of the whole series of Glyphic Panels it might place them as the work of this new character.

The second block records one event performed at Calakmul and another 17 days later, presumably at La Corona. This involves K'inich Yook and has a "he gives pulque".  The date may be

The third features a "foundation" of some kind, perhaps on, the subject includes tuun "stone". Then there is "rounding" or "circumambulation" involving the mystical "creation/darkness" concept. On there is another event concerning the "11 Ajaw House"--a structure also mentioned at Calakmul. The protagonist here is otherwise unknown (part of it is shared with a later Calakmul ruler), although if the CR are pushed one cycle forward it could be the grown-up Janaab.

After Thought

Commentary from David Stuart

The three generations mentioned on the first block, with the birth record, conform very nicely with the long history of " Kan " women who marry into La Corona, as described so clearly on the Dallas altar. This particular woman arrives at La Corona on 11 Kaban 10 Zotz', so I wonder if the partial "4 Muwan" birth date falls shortly afterwards (,, etc., but not long after). That verb on the 2nd panel is, I think, u-k'u-ni, for uk '-Vn, the antipassive derivation for "drink", so: "K'inich ? Yook drinks." Same verb as found at PN on Panel 3 (there written u-UK'-ni). The next phrase says who passed him the sauce, but unfortunately the culprit's name is missing. The date looks to be 9 Imix 14 Yax, a few years into the marriage.

The implication is clear: the demanding and well-connected princess wife arrives from the big city, the kid is soon born, then K'inich ? Yook hits the bottle... Gotta feel for the guy!

As you scroll down you will find the panels are lit from different angles to aid in deciphering the glyphs.

K9126 33 cm wide by 27.9 cm high.




K9127 33 cm wide by 25.4 cm high




K9128 40.6 cm wide by 24.1 cm high