This scene which is taking place in the Otherworld, has a long history of interpretation. (Karl Taube has witten on this group of vases). However, I will suggest that what is taking place is that an elite baby has died and that at the moment of it's passing it has been reborn as the Jaguar God of the Underworld (related to G3 of the Palenque triad).Note the jaguar ears and paws as well as the tail on this and others in the group.

The infant is being welcomed into the Otherworld by Chak Cib Chak, the god of rain, the god of thunder and lightning. The other deity to welcome the infant is God A, the skeletal god of death. Chak carries his stone ax and his thunder handstone. He shouts and lightning forms from his mouth. The jaguar and harpy eagle are witness to this event. The text with the date of 7 Kib 4 Pohp may refer either to the passing of the infant, this event, or it's equivalent in the distant past, i.e. mythological time.