Research Material

Comments on K 8948

Paul Schoenmakers has provided us with a drawing of this complex scene. His comments on his technique follow.

For those who are interested in the way I have done this 'touching up

Step 1 - For the first step I used the graphics software package Adobe

Photoshop CS2. First I did resize the picture (vase 8948 from Justin Kerr)

by increasing it with 300%. Then with the tool adjustments and in there

'Brightness/Contrast' and 'Replace Color' I brightened up de colors and made

the contrast between light en dark stronger. Some of the unwanted and

disturbing colors I have replaced by a neutral yellow color. The picture

become now more uniform in color (in this case yellowish) and the lines

darker, sharper and therefore more visible (the latter also through the contrast adjustment)>

Step 2 - From the in step 1 adjusted picture I made een A3-colorprint on a A3-printer HP Deskjet 1280

This bigger format is very useful because the lines are better distinguished from

each other and therefore more easy to work with im the third step.>

Step 3 - This third step takes a lot of time and a steady hand. First redraw the (as good as)

visible lines with a very thin pencil (0,3 mm). After this it becomes more clear were lines are disappeared or unclear..

The trick now is these disappeared/unclear lines to fill in. A combination of knowing and feeling>

Step 4 - In this step I have the picture with de greyisch pencil lines carefully redrawed with a very thin inkpen

(0,18 mm Rotring Rapidograph)

After I like the result of this I make the thin lines thicker and good visible with a thin black fineliner (0,3 mm).>

Step 5 - Now the picture must become again digital.

With a flatbed color scanner (A4) I have made two scans on 500 dpi (left and right side)

Step 6 - For this final step I return to Photoshop and import and place the two digital scans together in one empty (white) image, merge them and save it as one image. Then I open this image (still very large) en decrease it with 75% and save it again>

If anyone needs help with the making of this kind of images please let me

know, I'm glad to help you. I love this kind of creative work.

Greetings, Paul Schoenmakers

Zoetermeer, Netherlands,